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Supply Chain Management

Arnet Consult E A Limited is able to handle ‘Purchase Orders’ with multiple vendors on behalf of clients, both locally and overseas. Our Staff have experience from the AGOA service for US clients as well as local distributors and warehouse customers. This has been done in accordance with established Standard Operating Procedures as well as Internal Operating Procedures.

When you outsource to us, you can focus on what your company does best while you control distribution costs and remain confident that your orders will arrive exactly where you want them – on-time and in good condition.

Land side Services

Import handling

We handle domestic as well as transit cargo to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern Congo and Southern Sudan. We can also arrange for the same to other countries in the Horn of Africa.

We also arrange local deliveries to all major towns in Kenya.

Export Handling

Complete Export handling of FCL and LCL for both local and transit cargo. We offer Customs documentation, trucking and can arrange for certifications for all export cargo if required. We also do arrange for fumigation and Heat treatment of pallets and Certification if required at a cost.


Arnet Consult E A Limited can arrange for warehousing of cargo whether it is duty paid or bonded cargo.